Ready-made house

A loan for the purchase of a well-maintained house with a plot of land, a townhouse with a plot of land, part of a house with a plot of land.

  1. Interest rate from 13%
  2. Initial payment of 50% of the cost of housing
  3. Loan period 5-25 years
  4. The loan amount is from 30000$.
  5. Loan for a share in an apartment
  1. FHA loan assumption process for the purchase of an apartment, a share, the last share in an apartment in the secondary real estate market.
  2. Interest rate from 12%
  3. Initial payment from 20% of the cost of housing
  4. Credit for a room in an apartment
  5. Credit for the purchase of a room in an apartment.
  6. Initial payment of 25% of the cost of housing
  7. Mortgage FHA approved lenders  for the construction of a house

Credit for the construction of a private house or purchase of a land plot on the security of an existing apartment.

  1. The interest rate is from 11.5%
  2. Initial payment of 30% of the cost of housing
  3. Garage  car
  4. Loan for the purchase of a garage or car parking place, accompanying a mortgage loan for the purchase of housing.
  5. The initial deposit of 30% of the garage cost
  6. Loan period up to 10 years
  7. Loan for improving housing conditions

FHA approved lenders for improving housing conditions on the security of available real estate without confirmation of the intended use.

The interest rate is from 

Loan amount from 300 000 rubles, not more than 50% of the value of mortgaged property

Loan period 3-15 years

Purpose of lending:

acquisition of a land plot and the construction of an individual residential building (with a loan amount of 300 thousand rubles);

construction and completion of the construction of an individual residential building (with a loan amount of 300 thousand rubles).

  1. With an FHA approved lenders amount in excess of 6,000 thousand rubles. for the following purposes:
  2. acquisition of housing in the primary market * (apartment, land with a house);
  3. purchase of housing on the secondary market (apartment, land with a house)
  4. acquisition of land without buildings;
  5. repayment of mortgage loans issued in other commercial banks;

purchase of a car place.

Credit term of the main tasks of the company is the construction of comfortable, modern, and most importantly affordable housing. Many banks with which DOMKOR cooperates, provide favorable conditions for mortgage lending. Choose an advantageous option for mortgage lending in the Real Estate Center, where representatives of PJSC “Sberbank”, PJSC “Ak Bars” Bank and PJSC “VTB 24” are located, as well as in any office of the partner bank. The mortgage agreement is governed by Federal Law No. 102-FZ of 16.07.1998. Also, all construction projects of the company “DOMKOR” are accredited in the largest banks.

The mortgage agreement should specify:

The subject of the mortgage, its valuation (with the indication of its name, location and sufficient to identify this item description). The law, by virtue of which the property being the subject of the mortgage belongs to the pledger, and the name of the body that carries out the state registration of rights to real estate and transactions with it. To the mortgage of immovable property arising on the basis of the federal law upon the occurrence of the circumstances specified therein (hereinafter – the mortgage by virtue of the law), the rules on the mortgage arising under the mortgage agreement, respectively, unless the federal law establishes otherwise.

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